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We are proud to announce our new “Shepherd’s Flute”.  Based on the traditional Native American design and intended for beginners as well as experienced musicians, these flutes make it easy to produce beautiful sounds. Everyone will appreciate the careful tuning and tonality of the Shepherd’s Flute.

The Shepherd’s Flute is made from a kind of river cane native to the Mediterranean and mentioned in the bible.  We harvest it ourselves from the river banks here in Israel and dry it carefully in the sunshine of the Holy Land for 6 - 8 months. The finest pieces are then selected to make these flutes. They are then toasted over an open fire bringing out the natural resins in the cane and forming a durable glossy finish. The flutes are carefully tuned to a 5 note minor pentatonic scale, making it impossible to play a “wrong” note. Unlike the traditional Native American flute, the block is permanently attached and does not require any further adjustment. They are available in various keys. 


You can trust us to choose a beautiful flute for you, or you can order a specific key and/or wrapping color.  The price is $35 and international shipping is an additional $12.  Special orders are also possible, please contact Joe for more information.


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Shepherd’s Flute

played by

Heftsiba Zer Aviv