King David and the Flute - Rabbi Brody

King David and the Flute

King David was an expert musician, proficient in all the instruments of his time. He played the flute as a young shepherd boy, and he knew the inner secrets of how each creation has its own unique song. King David not only composed special songs for flute, such as Psalm 5, but he gave flutes their immense popularity. During the coronation of his son King Solomon, “All the people were playing flutes and exceedingly happy” (Kings I, 1:40). King Solomon built the first Holy Temple in Jerusalem, where music played a central role. The Zohar explains that in reward for not participating in the fiasco of the golden calf, the Levites received the gift of music and song. Their task in the Holy Temple was to play musical instruments and sing. The Talmud alludes to the type of flute they played, a 5 or 6-hole version made of wood, bone, or bamboo.We find the same flute centuries later in North America, carved out of such native woods as birch, cedar, and walnut – each with its own special tone. How did the flute of King David and the Holy Temple migrate to North America? Many classic researchers such as Adair and Edwards strongly believed that certain Native Americans were descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel. In the case of the Cherokee Nation, modern DNA findings reinforce this theory. It’s therefore most likely that the Native American flute – which you'll hear in our coming album entitled "Calming Waters," which G-d willing, will be released before the coming Rosh Hashana – has its origins in the hills of Judea and in our Holy City of Jerusalem

When I first heard the sweet strains of the native American flute, I knew that it would become the vehicle of my musical expression. One doesn’t need an ultra sensitive heart to feel the lofty origins of these very simple but exquisite woodwinds. My flutes are therefore no mere instruments – each has a soul of its own that yearns to cling to The Creator.

                                                                             Rabbi Lazer Brody

                                                                             June 9, 2010


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