About Joe

Joe Bazer is an artist, craftsman, winemaker and musician who seeks to capture the spirit of Shiloh using various materials which can be found in the area.

His Cabernet Sauvignon wine recently won a Silver Medal at the 2011 Indy International Wine Competition at Perdue University.

He is a well-known woodturner and woodworker creating bowls and other objects from local woods including olive, carob, and eucalyptus.  Joe's current interest is making flutes and other musical instruments based on designs made popular by King David and played by the Levites in the Holy Temple.


The Shilo Flute   River Cane Flutes    The Shepherd’s Flute    Wood  Ocarinas    Turned Bowls

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A graduate of New York University, Industrial Arts, he also teaches and gives workshops for children and adults. His work can be seen at select locations in Israel and at his studio/workshop near Tel Shiloh.   The Bazers came to live in Shiloh. in 1991 from New York City and have seven children ages 7 - 22 and a new grandson